Marketing Uses

Financial services firms, as well as financial advisers, planners, and other professionals have been using Lightbulb guides and booklets for the past two decades to educate their employees and customers, market their services, and support financial literacy and other advocacy programs.

Lightbulb booklets, which are targeted to a specific topic and audience and can be customized, have proven to be extremely versatile and ideally suited to a number of venues and purposes, including:

  • Door-openers for establishing or renewing client relations
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Promotion of a new product or campaign
  • Distinctive component of ongoing communications strategy
  • Support materials and leave-behinds at seminars and conferences
  • Premiums and give-aways at events
  • Training programs for new employees
  • Desktop reference for financial professionals
  • Branded centerpieces for financial literacy and advocacy initiatives

Whatever their use, Lightbulb guides resonate with consumers, build credibility and positive brand awareness for your organization, and help maintain top-of-mind awareness for ongoing and future customer contacts.