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Our guides are used by millions of people—serving as essential primers, training materials, and educational marketing pieces. They cover a broad range of financial topics, from investing and credit basics to retirement income and estate planning.

Financial Education Content

Lightbulb creates educational financial content, including articles, blogs, glossaries, presentations, curricula, and learning applications for use on websites and digital devices. We customize content on a co-branded or white label basis.

Education FOR Financial Professionals

Lightbulb develops custom workshops, courses, white papers, booklets, articles, and digital content to meet an organization’s internal or external financial education and training needs.


Brand new versions of our most popular financial education guides now include the most recent tax information and other legislative changes.
Welcome to Your Financial Life
Guide to Money & Investing
Guide to Estate Planning
Guide to Understanding Investing
A Woman’s Guide to Investing

These guides can be customized and branded for organizations and discounts are available on quantity orders. Please call us at 212-485-8800 or email at


The Introduction to Personal Finance workshop was created for the Toigo Foundation, which prepares underrepresented professionals for leadership and helps organizations create an environment where those individuals thrive. The workshop, which includes a slide presentation, a speakers’ script, activities, and pre- and post- assessments, fulfills the Toigo Foundation mission of creating mechanisms for greater inclusion in the business world, starting in the classroom.

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Lightbulb Press creates easy-to-understand financial education content, including guides, booklets, articles, workshops, and websites that financial companies, regulators, and professionals use to educate consumers and employees, market their services, and promote financial literacy. More about us.