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Co-branded and Personalized Guides

One of the many benefits of using Lightbulb educational financial guides and booklets for marketing, sales, and practice management initiatives is that you can co-brand these publications with your company name, logo, and contact information.

You can also include an introductory or welcome letter on the inside front cover, and marketing message or screen capture of your website on the back cover.

Financial advisers and planners can also personalize the booklets with their logo, name, photo and contact information.

Made-to-Order Booklets

Lightbulb will tailor a current booklet, or combination of booklets, to reflect a specific product, a new service you are introducing, or your particular investment philosophy. We can modify existing content, or create new content, to create a booklet exclusively for your organization.

All of the co-branding and customization options that we normally provide are also available on made-to-order booklets.

If you are interested in developing an entirely new title on a topic we have not written about, we will work with you to create a sponsored guide, which typically includes a period of exclusivity.