Simplified Communications

CTCA Patient Ed Sheets At the core of Lightbulb's work is our widely recognized capability for making complex information easy to understand. Our expertise in simplified communications underlies our guides, web content, educational publications, and marketing collateral and gives our work a distinctive consumer focus and appeal.

Companies retain Lightbulb to clarify information about their services, or concepts that are vital to their business, and to tailor and deliver this content for specific market segments or the public in general. We also have expertise in consolidating and streamlining groups of related documents to increase functionality while reducing cost.

In all of our simplification projects, we combine plain English text, information design, and emerging technology to make our publications easy to read, visually appealing, and readily accessible.

Examples of our simplification services include:

  • Your Guide to the YMCA Retirement Fund
  • Education Materials for Cancer Patients (CTCA Patient Ed. Sheets)
  • SEC Plain English Handbook