Seminars and Workshops

Citi Powerpoint Presentation Lightbulb creates seminars and presentations on a wide range of financial topics that are targeted for specific audiences and venues. The presentations, which are also used for webinars, can be based on Lightbulb guides or developed in collaboration with financial professionals for their exclusive use.

Each presentation is tailored to a specific topic and audience, including the writing style, level of sophistication and detail, and the comprehensiveness of the speaker's notes. The graphics may include charts, tables, photos, and illustrations, or some combination of these, and Lightbulb will also design the presentation to be consistent with a firm's branding and identity guidelines.

Major financial services firms, associations of financial professionals, and independent financial advisers use Lightbulb presentations to:

  • initiate new business at special invitation events
  • provide financial education in the workplace to support employer benefits programs
  • explain new products or services at conferences and tradeshows
  • support public affairs initiatives in community outreach programs
  • train other professionals on new or complex financial topics

Lightbulb works with compliance and legal departments to ensure that the text on the slides and speaker's notes meet all regulatory requirements.

Customized Speaker's Notes

Lightbulb creates speaker's notes and scripts to accompany presentations and seminars. Because they are developed on a custom basis for individual clients, the notes are targeted specifically to the audience for whom the presentation is intended. The scripts not only incorporate the information that is most pertinent, but are developed in a style and tone that is appropriate both to the speaker and the audience.

Companion Worksheets and Booklets

Presentations can be made even more effective by the reinforcement of key messages with printed pieces that can be handed out to audience participants. All of Lightbulb's booklets work well as accompaniment pieces, serving as a reminder of and elaboration upon the information being presented during the presentation.

In many cases, Lightbulb also develops customized worksheets and other handouts that can help bring the seminar to life, drive home the key points, and encourage participation by the audience members. Like the booklets, the handouts can reinforce important concepts while marketing the services of the firm or individual adviser conducting the seminar.