Sponsored Guides

An Advisor's Guide to Behavioral Finance - ING Branding If your firm is seeking to strengthen your brand, establish your market position in connection with a new product or service, or tell your company’s story by educating the public about what you do, you may consider collaborating with Lightbulb to create a new, white-label guide or booklet on this subject.

Our editorial and design teams will collaborate with your firm to structure the guide, define the content, and determine the appropriate design style. As a sponsor, you review the work in progress, approve the final text for accuracy and compliance, and choose how you want to co-brand and customize the guide.

In addition, you will have exclusive use of the sponsored guide for an extended period. During this exclusivity period, your firm will be the only organization with this guide in the marketplace.

In addition to developing sponsored guides in the widely recognized Lightbulb format, Lightbulb also develops booklets and brochures on company-specific topics on a work-for-hire basis.

Some of our titles that were developed as sponsored guides include: The Wall Street Journal Guide to Money & Markets, A Woman's Guide to Investing, An Investor's Guide to Trading Options, Your Guide to Managed Accounts, and An Advisor's Guide to Behavioral Finance.