Guide to Personal Finance

Guide to Personal Finance cover The Guide to Personal Finance provides a roadmap through the financial challenges and situations of everyday life, and provides understanding and confidence to create a plan for long-term financial security. With expanded sections on insurance and taxes, the guide covers banking, credit, home finance, and investing. Written by financial literacy experts Virginia B. Morris and Kenneth M. Morris, the Guide to Personal Finance is a well-known and relied-upon resource.

Contents include:

Banking and Savings Accounts • CDs • Credit Cards • Loans • Coping with Credit Problems • Buying a House • The Cost of a Mortgage • Refinancing • Financial Planning • Managing Your Cash Flow • Paying for College • Retirement Plans • Annuities • Social Security • Life Insurance • Health Insurance • Long-term Care • Estate Planning • Investing • Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds • Options and Futures • Investing in Real Estate • Paying Taxes • Tax Planning

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