Other Lightbulb Publications

Your Guide to Cancer Care While Lightbulb publications deal primarily with financial education of consumers and professionals, we apply our approach of providing clear, objective information to demystify topics that people find complex or intimidating, or are coming to for the first time.

These topics range from healthcare and technology to wine appreciation.

Some of these works, such as the Guide to Cancer Care and Guide to the Information Age, are full length Lightbulb guides. Others are developed for organizations on a work-for-hire basis and include commemorative books, introductory pamphlets to new products and services, and enrollment and membership kits for nonprofit organizations.

Native Harvest

Native Harvest Developed in association with chef Damon Baehrel, Native Harvest describes the foundation, philosophy, ingredients, preparations, and experience of Native Harvest cuisine, which Baehrel has developed over nearly thirty years on his property in upstate New York, the location of his acclaimed eponymous restaurant. The book is filled with personal reminisces, insights, encouragement, and recipes that food enthusiasts will find captivating and inspiring.

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