Guide to Money & Investing

Guide to Money and Investing This popular and well-known guide to the financial markets and investing is clear and comprehensive. A reliable primer on everything from how the markets work to how to build and manage an investment portfolio, it covers not only traditional investment opportunities, but also alternative investment products including ETFs, options, hedge funds, and direct investments.

The guide, which can be customized and co-branded, is used extensively for training, onboarding, and educating financial services professionals as well as their clients.

Contents include:

Money & Markets
Role of the SEC • International Investing • The Federal Reserve System • The Economic Cycle

Public and Private Companies • Initial Public Offerings • The Stock Markets • Electronic Markets • Market Cycles • Fundamental and Technical Analysis • Evaluating Companies • Choosing Stocks • Buying and Selling Stocks • Stock Tables and Tickers • Buying on Margin • Selling Short

Securitization • Rating Bonds • Bond Prices • Corporate Bonds • Municipal bonds • US Treasury Issues • Agency Bonds • Buying and Selling Bonds

Indexes & Index Investing
Tracking Securities Markets • Constructing an Index • Indexes as Benchmarks • Index Investing • Index Mutual Funds • ETFs

Mutual Funds
Evaluating Mutual Funds • Fund Objective and Style • Fund Sales Charges • Mutual Fund Fees • International Funds • Variable Annuities

The Value of Options • Options Trading • Options Strategies • Hedging and Speculating • Index Options • Researching Options • Options Chains

Futures: Derivative Products • Futures Contracts • Hedgers and Speculators • Buying and Selling Futures • Consumable Commodities • Financial Commodities • Futures Risks

Alternative Investments
Alternative Investments • Hedge Funds • Private Equity Investments • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

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