Guides for the Military

Lightbulb has developed three guides to help members of the military members and their families make informed, confident financial decisions and build a secure financial future.

Blended Retirement System: Guide to Military Retirement is a guide to the Department of Defense’s new retirement system, which combines a pension with a tax-deferred Thrift Savings Plan. The book provides key information that will help servicemembers decide whether to opt-in to the new system, or to stay with the legacy retirement system. It also provides helpful background information on how to save and invest to create a secure financial future in retirement.

A Salute to Smart Investing
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A Salute to Smart Investing was written for the men, women, and families of our armed forces to help provide a solid foundation for financial readiness. It explains the basics of money management, credit and borrowing, saving and investing, and planning for retirement. Salute also describes savings plans and other financial benefits offered by the military and provides dozens of helpful resources for financial assistance and information.

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Veterans Handbook: Tactics for Civilian Life helps new veterans and their families make a smooth transition to life after active duty. The booklet focuses on the issues and challenges – and special resources for veterans – surrounding employment, financing a home, and higher education, as well as planning for the future.

Blended Retirement System, A Salute to Smart Investing, and Veterans Handbook can be customized and co-branded, and are also available in digital versions.

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