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Guide to Money and Investing Lightbulb's full-length guides and customized booklets are widely recognized for their distinctive writing and design style that blends everyday language with highly imaginative and informative graphics.

This signature style, which has characterized our work since 1990, appeals to a wide audience, from students just learning about personal finance to financial professionals who market highly sophisticated financial products and advisery services.

All of the guides are available in digital and mobile formats, as well as in print.

The hallmarks of Lightbulb guides are their objectivity, clarity, and practicality. Each guide and booklet serves as a primer on that topic — whether it's investing basics, retirement planning, or direct investments — and provides the essential information that consumers need, and that their advisers would like them to have.

Lightbulb guides cover a broad range of topics, from investing concepts and strategies to retirement and estate planning. We also have guides on specific products, such as 529 plans, ETFs, and managed accounts, as well as on topics of special interest, such as behavioral finance and safe investing for military families.

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