Educational Financial Websites

Lightbulb Financial Lightbulb creates new websites and micro-sites to meet specific business objectives, revitalizes existing sites to reflect a new identity or focus, and enriches current sites with new content, greater interactivity, or more timely information.

Our web development service includes site design and navigation, creating or enhancing the visual identity of a site, and providing the site content, either from our existing library of articles or by creating new content exclusively for a website. Lightbulb also provides hosting arrangements where requested and manages, maintains, and refreshes websites on an ongoing basis.

We draw on a network of partners with expertise in multimedia, content management systems, and emerging technologies to round out and supplement our in-house capabilities.

Our primary focus is the creation of financial literacy and investor education websites for kids and for the general consumer market. We collaborate with financial services firms, trade associations, and non-profits to conceptualize, brand, write, design, and produce websites that are customized for a specific demographic group and express a particular business philosophy.

Website Enhancements

Lightbulb collaborates with marketing, branding, IT, and compliance groups to reinvigorate and refresh sites. This work includes updating and adding content, building out learning or resource centers, providing special features — such as assessments and animations — and modifying site design to reflect a new visual identity or business perspective.