About Us

Lightbulb Press is a highly regarded creator and publisher of objective educational financial content. Our widely recognized signature style combines everyday, straightforward language with imaginative, informative, and often humorous graphics. Our goal is to shed light on and help people understand complex and intimidating subjects, particularly personal finance and investing.

In addition to our perennially popular guides, Lightbulb creates websites and content, financial literacy and investor education program materials, and financial marketing communications.

Our editorial group, print and web designers, production staff, compliance specialists, and e-business and publishing services groups work closely to ensure that each of our products is of the highest caliber and meets every need and expectation of the companies that collaborate and partner with us.

Since our founding in 1990 and the publication of our first guide on Money & Markets in association with The Wall Street Journal, we have created over 40 titles and produced and developed websites for a broad spectrum of people, from those just starting out in the financial world to those who are experienced investors.

Today, we continue to develop new guides and educational content to keep pace with the changing world of personal finance and investing. We constantly explore new ways to use emerging channels to make our content available to different demographic groups. And we remain committed to the clarity, imaginative design, and sense of humor that have become the hallmark of our work.

Our Principals

Lightbulb's founders, Ken Morris and Virginia B. Morris, both have Ph.D.s from Columbia University and are passionate about educating others. Ken was a pioneer of the Plain English movement, and his expertise in simplified communications underlies Lightbulb's philosophy and approach. Virginia's experience as a college professor and in conducting scholarly research, and her comprehensive knowledge of financial products and markets, is the foundation of Lightbulb's approach to creating objective, easy-to-understand, and engaging financial content.

Other members of the Lightbulb team who are instrumental in shaping our company and services include: Kara Wilson, our Creative Director, who designs our guides and visual identity systems; and Mavis Wright, Director of Publishing Services, who oversees the quality and technological innovations in our work products.